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“Welcome to the Worlds 1st Cross-Border Ecommerce Community, the CBEC. The place where Merchants, Payment Service Providers, ISOs and Acquiring Banks within the CNP Payment Industry can gain access to country and regional specific ecommerce facts and figures; valuable content about mature and developing markets which can help you in your strategic decision-making.

CBEC shares need-to-know and up-to-date information and expertise, as well as research papers, industry reports and info graphics which highlight global opportunities for profitable cross-border ecommerce. The obstacles which hinder cross-border expansion are explored, and the payment methods, logistics, regulations, risk & fraud issues that affect individual countries are addressed.

The partners in CBEC believe that we are stronger collectively, when we pool our knowledge. By bringing together and sharing expertise from multiple sources, we hope you will gain a deeper understanding of the different influences on ecommerce, new insights which can result in exciting initiatives and, ultimately, lead to international expansion for the benefit of all stakeholders within the dynamic global ecommerce landscape.”

L'e-commerce riveste oggi un ruolo importante nel processo innovativo del nostro sistema Paese e la sua crescita costante ormai da oltre un quinquennio ne conferma la dinamicità ed il trend positivo.

Unisciti al gruppo Netcomm:

Gli operatori e-commerce si confrontano però con alcune criticità in ambito normativo/fiscale, comunicativo/promozionale, logistico/formativo, comuni a tutto il comparto. Tali criticità, che costituiscono un freno ad un ulteriore sviluppo del settore, possono essere rimosse solo attraverso un intervento congiunto e aggregato degli operatori coinvolti.

Per rispondere a queste esigenze è stato costituito il Consorzio Netcomm, membro di Assinform e parte di Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e tecnologici.

Le aziende interessate ad aderire al Consorzio possono inviare una e-mail a

Verranno successivamente contattate e riceveranno tutte le indicazioni relative alle norme che regolano l'adesione e alla quota associativa.

Национальная Ассоциация Дистанционной Торговли (НАДТ) - профессиональная некоммерческая организация, деятельность которой направлена на развитие индустрии дистанционной торговли в России. НАДТ была создана в 2004 представителями ведущих компаний дистанционной торговли и директ маркетинга. На сегодняшний день членами НАДТ является несколько десятков компаний-лидеров отечественного рынка дистанционной торговли.

Среди основных задач и направлений деятельности Ассоциации:

Создание российской законодательной базы, которая позволит четко регламентировать коммерческую деятельность дистанционных компаний, а так же права и обязанности потребителей.Популяризация дистанционной торговли в России и просвещение потребителей.

Повышение уровня профессионализма компаний за счет специальных мероприятий, направленных на улучшение качества предоставляемых ими услуг (международные конференции, выставки, круглые столы и семинары по актуальным вопросам дистанционной торговли).

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, known as the “Voice of American Business” in China, is the largest and fastest-growing American Chamber in the Asia-Pacific region. Founded in 1915, AmCham Shanghai was the third American

Chamber established outside the United States. As a non-profit, non-partisan business organization, AmCham Shanghai is committed to the principles of free trade, open markets, private enterprise and the unrestricted flow of information.

AmCham Shanghai’s mission is to support the success of our members by promoting a healthy business environment in China, strengthening U.S.-China commercial ties and providing high-quality business information and resources.

The AmCham Shanghai virtual SME Center is a fully bilingual hub of resources and referrals for U.S. companies interested in the China market.  The virtual platform has an array of features for premium subscribers including foreign direct investment

projects in the U.S., dynamic service provider profiles, and helpful information on doing business in the United States.

The Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA), founded in May 2012, was established to serve as a medium for e-commerce players in Indonesia to communicate.  With the rapid development in the e-commerce industry in Indonesia, it has become more important to create and nurture a healthy industry for players to engage with relevant partners, including the government.  

Pioneered by players such as,,,,,,,, and, who gathered for the first time in November 2011, the

Association aims to participate in establishing a healthy industry, in addition to bridging and and nurturing a continuously beneficial relationship between players and its partners within the industry, including the government and other related associations in Indonesia.

The Association aims to take part in developing regulations which support the accelerated development of the e-commerce ecosystem.  In addition, idEA wishes to significantly contribute towards economic growth through the e-commerce activities carried out through its members’ platforms.  In the long run, idEA aims to take part in positioning Indonesia as the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia.

We are group and community of people who working in E-Commerce industry. Consist of many type of e-commerce company joining in this association such as E-Marketplace, E-Payment, E-Solutions, etc. We aim to enhance Thailand entrepreneurs to use e-Commerce as a tool that will enhance the strength and competitiveness of the Thai and Foreign market. Including E-Commerce education and knowledge. The Association founded in 2005 and have more than 300 members. We working with all e-commerce stakeholder, related association, Government and oversea.

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