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Mind Commerce focuses on telecom and various ICT areas including Internet based infrastructure, commerce, content, and applications. We are a leading provider of business intelligence and market research within these areas.

Happay.com is a website providing service for oversea shopping. It was launched in July 2013. The website is building an SNS-based community. The website will consist of two major components, b2c online shopping stores and cloud-based logistics stores. In addition to the oversea shopping and transportation, it has online cashback, coupons, shopping showcase, merchandize insurance, transportation insurance and other services.

The Paypers is the Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and analysis for professionals in the global payment community. Our products have a special focus on all major trends and developments in payments-related industries including online and mobile payments, online/mobile banking, cards, cross-border e-commerce, e-invoicing and digital identity.

The Paypers also hopes to enable a deeper understanding of ecommerce drivers, opportunities and challenges, helping companies to expand with confidence across the dynamic global ecommerce landscape, by providing the cross border ecommerce country reports.

The cross-border ecommerce country reports are aimed at helping payment professionals expand their business globally by sharing country-specific (cross-border) ecommerce facts & figures, preferred payment methods, risk and fraud, as well as ecommerce legislation & regulation for mature and emerging markets.

Maverick China Research provides B2B market research and market entry services for clients seeking to develop and expand their operations within the Chinese marketplace. Our clients range from small SMEs to large multinationals and include companies entering China, expanding their business in China, or making investment decisions about Chinese companies.

We have published over 40 major market reports on key industries and companies in China and provide customized research and consulting services covering a broad range of sectors, including e-commerce, payments, medical devices, and cleantech. Typical projects include market entry feasibility studies, partner searches, and business due diligence.



As the leading international shopping portal in China, HAITAO.COM provides a variety of innovative products to serve the growing phenomenon of oversea shopping by Chinese consumers.


 Product recommendation and sharing: Through the recommendations from its members, Haitao.com identifies popular oversea products among Chinese shoppers and shares the trend to all online shopping communities in China.


The first shopping intermediary (Dai-Gou) that provides free service: Haitao.com orders products for  inexperienced “Haitao” shoppers, free of charge.


Comprehensive freight forwarding service: Through collaborations with high-quality freight forwarding companies, Haitao.com provides its members an one-stop shopping experience. Haitao.com users easily manage the shipping process end-to-end without the need to register on any freight forwarding site.


Global cash-back: Through its global affiliate network, users of Haitao.com receive the highest level of cash-back benefit from over 3000 online merchants world-wide.


Unique group-buying service: By working directly with international wholesalers and suppliers, Haitao.com organizes group-buying events to get its members discounts on highly-demanded products.


The best “Haitao” social media: Haitao.com not only facilitates oversea shopping experience, it is also a social shopping community. Tens of thousands of interest groups have been formed around the names of online merchants, shipping companies, popular brand names as well as hot products.  Haitao.com has become the most popular gathering place for oversea shoppers in China.













北臣供应链vintture supply chain,以人为本,通过互联网和信息技术,为跨境电商和跨境贸易企业提供基于互联网的申报平台。我们的愿景是打造一个线上线下融合、互联互通的跨境生态系统,让人们能够随时随地体验美妙的全球海淘之旅。北臣在业内拥有8年行业经验,跨境申报平台和通关机器人客户端,已实现了贸易企业、海关、支付平台、报关行的互联互通,目前已经为众多跨国企业和跨境电商应用。

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