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Event Background

Over the recent years, an increasing number of consumers switched their focus to overseas purchasing, the genuine products, including luxurious brands, mother and infant related items, cosmetics, trendy clothes and electronic products, enjoy widespread popularity among Chinese consumers due to their superior quality and novel designs , especially for young people who tend to be willing to try and accept new things, they have gradually cast their attention to overseas e-commerce shops, the amount spent by Chinese people in overseas e-shops is on a steady rise, in 2010,2011,2012 ,2013 it was 2 billion US dollars,4.4billion US dollars,7.9 billion US dollars, 12.4 billion US dollars. in 2014, it is expected to hit 20 billion US dollars, with a overseas e-shopping population of 20 million, for the global e-commerce platforms, China is now becoming the largest and most potential e-shopping market in the world. 

Under this background, the Inaugural Cross-border E-Commerce (Import) Conference & Exhibition China 2014 will be launched in Shanghai China. This event will gathering more than 250 high-level participants from overseas various multi-brands e-commerce platforms, on-line retailers, well-known retail brands owners as well as leading Chinese e-commerce import platforms, main-stream vertical on-line retailers, payment services providers, international logistics & transshipment & warehousing service providers, e-commerce IT solutions providers. Furthermore, we will invite 1000+ professional visitors, including in-charge person of large overseas e-shopping online forum and rebates websites, overseas purchasing agents. This event will offer an ideal networking platform for exchanges and communication where you can learn polices and latest e-shopping development of various counties, explore Chinese overseas e-shopping client base, seek business opportunities and discuss future trend with your peers, last but not least, you can keep a leading edge over others in future competition! 

Event Highlights:

1000+ Visitors of Professional Buyers

250+ High Level Participants

50+ Online Forum and Medias on Overseas Online Shopping

30+ Eminent Speakers from Global Leading E-commerce Operators

25+ Cross-Border E-commerce Platform Demo Shows

1 Conference + 1 Mini Exhibition

Pre Arranged One-on-One Business Meeting

Who Should Attend

※ Relevant government authority

※ Industrial association

※ Overseas multi brands e-commerce platforms

※ Overseas on-line retailers

※ Overseas off-line retailers

※ Overseas retail brands owners

※ Chinese comprehensive e-commerce platform

※ Chinese vertical e-commerce platform

※ Chinese import e-commerce platform

※ Online Overseas shopping forum

※ Online Rebates website

※ Overseas products purchasing agents

※ Third-party payment solution providers

※ Credit card issuers

※ Online payment security providers

※ International direct mailing service providers

※ International transshipment service providers

※ International warehousing service providers

※ E-commercial industrial park

※ E-commercial IT solution providers

※ On-line shops design & promotion

Shopping carts software

Consulting companies


Why Should Attend?

(For Cross-border Online Shopping Platforms, Overseas Online Retailers, Retail Brand Owners)

- Hearing in-depth interpretation of policies and regulations on import e-commerce industry from government authority and industry expert.

Taking advantages of the investment preferential policies from leading E-commerce industry park in China

Understanding the needs of Chinese online shoppers by analyzing the Chinese oversea online shopping market trends

- Improving your brands awareness by our media partners’ massive reporting of this event

Interacting directly with your Chinese customers by setting up a booth and showcasing your e-commerce platform

Meeting with in-charge persons of 50+ leading online forums and rebates websites in China, and finding out some promotion solutions

- On-site discussing with leading Chinese online shopping platforms and developing corporation relationship with them for China market penetration.

Why Should Attend?

(For International Logistics & Warehousing, Cross-border Online Payment, E-commerce Platform Promotion and IT Solution Providers)

Building Connections with C-level executives of global leading cross-border E-commerce operators

Exhibiting and Showcasing your products and solutions in front of your most valuable target customers

Building your unique brands by showing up in this First & Only cross-border online shopping summit in China

Generating plenty of new customers which will rise up in next 5 golden years of cross-borders e-commerce market.

  • 李金玲
    Marketing director
  • Yongming Zhan
  • Burghardt Groeber
    Vice President, Great China
  • Ed Turner
    Chief Information Officer
  • George Ji
  • Rolf Visser
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  • 易观国际
  • 中国支付网
  • 中国电子商务研究中心
  • Internet Retailer
  • 亿邦动力网
  • 海淘网
  • Maverick
  • Mind Commerce
  • 海倍网
  • The Paypers
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